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Description of job. 项目制片人将会负责管理东方梦工厂和万合天宜组建的合资公司中网络视频内容的生产和管理工作。全权负责项目统筹、创意研发、前期筹备、预算制定、组建摄制组、摄制成本核算;制定及执行拍摄生产计划、盯进后期制作。 工作职责 • 执行公司对项目的整体规划 • 管理项目中的人员工作时间 • 确保项目能够在规定计划中完成拍摄并上线 • 在公司批准的预算中创作出最高品质的视频内容 • 根据公司整体战略,带领团队创意研发新的项目。 • 向公司创意委员会提报项目创意及制作计划。 • 项目获得通过后,着手制定人员需求和项目预算以及项目制作周期计划。 • 协助公司聘任导演、摄影、美术、录音、制片主任等主要部门的负责人,签约重要演员 • 内容生产过程中需要协调公司内部资源调配。 • 发现工作中团队合作出现的问题并及时解决。 • 预见将会发生的影响内容生产的问题,并提前准备应对计划。 • 监督剧本质量以及拍摄质量。 • 及时处理行政管理和艺术创作之间或创作部门之间的矛盾。 • 按照公司制度合理核算项目人员工资成本。并每月向公司领导汇报预算花费和项目情况。 • 制定宣传、推广计划并同时实施,为影视作品的发行做准备。 • 另需要在工作过程中考核员工能力,为员工规划更好的工作方向。 Desired Skills and Experience 任职要求 • 电视或者互联网内容行业3年以上工作经验。 • 在单位中曾担当主编及以上岗位1年以上时间。 • 需要具有导演思维,并具有稿件撰写能力。 • 如有自己曾经作品请提供。 Oriental DreamWorks creates high-quality entertainment, including CG animated feature films and television series for audiences around the world. With the ambition to become a China-based family branded entertainment company, Oriental DreamWorks creates entertainment in China for China and for export to the rest of the world. Based in Shanghai, the company has world-class creative talent, a strong and experienced management team and advanced filmmaking technology and techniques. It actually all started in 2004 when DreamWorks Animation began to develop the film, “Kung Fu Panda”. The filmmakers were determined to make this movie as authentically Chinese as possible. They really did their homework in order to be accurate in every detail of the story, the imagery, and the culture. Once the film was completed, it was translated into 45 languages around the world. The film turned out to be more than DreamWorks Animation ever imagined or hoped for – it was truly a love letter to China. It was also a massive hit in China. More motivated than ever, the team then created “Kung Fu Panda 2” in 2011 which was even more successful. In China, it quickly became the number-one animated film of all time - a position it still holds today. The initial decision to greenlight a film about a panda who dreamed of being a Kung Fu warrior resulted in a great movie, which resulted in a second great movie, which resulted in a franchise, which resulted in DreamWorks becoming one of the most admired brands in China. And, we now realized, this was the opportunity to establish a China-based diversified family brand that created entertainment in China for China, and or export to the rest of the world. “Kung Fu Panda 3” is underway as an Oriental DreamWorks co-production, much of which is being produced at a world-class animation studio in Shanghai. Contact: Tel: 0086 21 3339 3339